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About Me

I'm a big kid deep down (okay, and maybe on the surface too...), and I believe that movement should be fun! So many of us stop prioritizing playtime as adults and start thinking of exercise as a chore. My mission is to change that.

I have a background in acrobatics, Kung Fu, parkour, and Ninja Warrior training. I am also a certified yoga teacher with a focus on trauma-informed mindfulness, and I volunteer with the Daya Foundation, teaching incarcerated women to become yoga instructors.

My passion is helping people who may have a difficult time with traditional exercise regimens. I know that working out may pose extra challenges for individuals who are transgender,  neurodivergent, or living with chronic conditions, and I want to help alleviate that. Everyone deserves to have a healthy body that they feel at home in.


Outside of work I love comics, video games, dressing in costumes, and medieval lore. Tell me about your favorite superhero or DND class! I'm here for all things nerdy.

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  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • ACE Sports Conditioning Specialty

  • 200 Hour Yoga Training

  • TIBS level 1 + 2 (Trauma Informed Brain Sensitive Mindfulness)

  • Level 3 Parkour Certified (WFPF)

  • First Aid, CPR/AED certified

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