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Gym search update! - Awaiting estimates

Icicle Derek after shoveling strangers out of ditches.

Ice and weather control are not my super powers

As many of you know I have been on the final steps of opening a gym space of my own. Opening my own gym has been my dream since I moved up to Portland almost 6 years ago and it is finally on the final steps to becoming a reality. Every step I have learned more than I ever thought I would have to about everything from city permits, to contract negotiations.

A few months ago I was able to find a building I love in a location I love. All it needs is an extra toilet! (and a few walls blown out, and a water fountain, and...) The contractors and architects were all able to get on site hours before the snowstorm hit and once we have estimates on the work we can negotiate on the lease. While there is still plenty outside of my control, I am feeling very hopeful about this last step. Once the lease is signed it's "just" city permits to get past.

The lease and the city are the final two locks on the doors to Superhero Fitness and our training home will be ready to open!

What is the timeline?

Optimistically it means right as the kids get out of school in May/June we will be laying floor and opening our doors. Realistically it sounds like mid/late summer is more feasable.

6 years of dreaming, 2 years of action and a couple months left to go.

I am aiming to send an update about once a month as we go and there will be a lease signing celebration party as soon as that happens!

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